'The First Suseong Light Art Festival' that will light up the winter night to commence.
'The First Suseong Light Art Festival' that will light up the winter night to commence.
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It will be held as a winter festival peculiar to Suseong-Gu from the 20th for 24 days... providing various works to see from artists and residents alike.
Suseong Light Art Festival poster.
Suseong Light Art Festival poster.

The cityhall of Daegu Suseong-Gu will host 'The First Suseong Light Art Festival' with the theme People, Nature, and Lights this winter season from today the 20th up to the 12th of January for 24 days to be held at the Suseong Pond.

It is anticipated that the Suseong Pond winter night will be brightened beautifully as a light art festival that will display the works of over 10,000 residents from various walks of life.

At the opening ceremony to be held today at 7 pm in Sanghwa Garden, 100 drones will be flown simultaneously over the Suseong Pond to showcase a spectacular 'Light Drone Show".

The main attraction which is the Resident Participation Zone made by the residents themselves will feature more than 6,000 illuminating works such as five-color mobile lights, wish lamps, heart hanji lamps, eco-lights using recycled materials, and animal lighting.

Additionally, artists that are formally recognized in the field of art will also participate and showcase their works.

Cloud fish, floating human sculptures, ducks with light wings, silhouette photo zones using shadows, lighting sticks linked to music and light, and 'The 2020 Suseong Happy Tree' with 2020 wishes can be viewed during the event.

On the other hand, Suseong Pond is also preparing an ice sledding site in Sanghwa-dong starting from the 20th that is expected to be the best outing place this winter where one could enjoy ice sledding at noon and the light art festival as sun sets.

An official from Suseong-Gu Cityhall said that, "I hope many citizens will visit The First Suseong Light Art Festival held this year."

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텍스트 데이터는 공공누리 출처표시의 조건에 따라 자유이용이 가능합니다. 단, 사진, 이미지, 일러스트, 동영상 등의 일부 자료는 수성구청이 저작권 전부를 갖고 있지 아니하므로, 자유롭게 이용하기 위해서는 반드시 해당 저작권자의 허락을 받으셔야 합니다.
담당자 : 박종혁/ 053-666-4281

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